About Le Cinq

Everyone has a great story to tell. Far more often than not, we don’t end up telling them because we feel that we can’t write novel-length features or that our short-form takes wouldn’t be interesting/provocative/viral/whatever excuses we love to throw on ourselves. I kept thinking what would be the best and most seamless solution for myself and for friends with those stories, and ended up with what would now become Le Cinq.

"The Five" in French, Le Cinq will look at 5 brand-related topics:

  1. An area being worked on,

  2. An area of general interest,

  3. An intriguing story/article/series,

  4. A product one can't live without, and

  5. A "wild card" topic.

As mentioned above, some Le Cinq entries will also feature editions from my network of amazing friends and colleagues across the venture, startup, corporate, and nonprofit worlds.

I cannot wait for you all to look through what we’re looking at, thinking about, and obsessed with!

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Everyone has a story to tell around our work, our passions, favorite reads, favorite products, and, well, wildcards.


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